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My name is Marie Lundholm, aka Clearly Marie.


I am a Certifed Ayurvedic Health Consultant and Coach. I have my practice in Stockholm, Sweden but I help people all over the world.

I offer Ayurvedic health consultations, where I can help you with, for example:


* Digestive issues

* Skin problems

* Sleeping problems

* Stress

* Fatigue

* Pain

* Overweight

Why Ayurveda?


I love the Ayurvedic way of treating the whole person, i.e body, mind and soul. We need to consider all the parts to feel good. In our modern world, most of the focus is on the body. The mind is less talked about and the soul is often completely ignored.  


However, human beings are composed of all three parts. Whatever physical symptoms you have, you also need to take into account the mental and spiritual aspects, and vice versa, and Ayurveda does this. 

What ayurveda has meant to me

Some years ago, I suffered from burnout. I was emotionally exhausted, my brain completely foggy and my body so tired that I could not even walk around the block.  

The Western doctors I consulted could not do anything to help me, so I finally turned to an Ayurvedic doctor. It became the turning point.  

I received customized advice on diet and lifestyle to correct my imbalances, breathing exercises and herbal medicines to strengthen body and brain, as well as methods for dealing with all my deep seated stress. All of this helped me to slowly begin to recover.


After everything Ayurveda has meant for my own healing, I decided to train to be an Ayurvedic health consultant in order to help others improving their health in a natural way too. 


I also want to spread the knowledge about Ayurveda - this wonderful life and healing wisdom!

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